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marquetti asked: Batman vs. Wolverine: Who would win?

Well.. the obvious answer is batman. because no matter who is fighting then batman wins.

If it was a random encounter in the street and Batman had no prior knowledge of wolverine he’d lose.. in about 2 seconds when wolverine slices his arms off and beats him with the soggy ends. There is absolutely no way that Batman could beat Wolverine in unarmed combat (i am sure batman fanboy/girls will disagree). He wouldn’t be to able to block the claws.

If it was a random encounter and batman had just seen wolverine pop his claws and carve through .. like metal or something easily he’s try and take out wolverine from a far. But if you look at what batman usually carries in his belt then he doesn’t really have much in there that could do much damage to logan or stop him. So his only option would be to cheese it back to his cave and try whip something up in his lab like a bacteria that’ll eat adamantium or a virus or an acid or something that’ll nullify his healing factor. But he’d have to work quick as wolverine is an expert tracker (i’m sure he is)

If someone was to say “hey batman some dude called wolverine is gonna come get you in 24 hours. Here’s a file with all the info you’ll need” Then Batman would win easily.

Nobody beats batman if he has prep time.

Batman would get beat by many many people in a random encounter.

And before batfans lose their fucking shit this is coming from a guy who has Batman in his top five comic book characters of all time.


  1. bigheadedboy23 said: Even if he had prep time I feel that Wolverine would never stop. His healing factor has its limits, but the mental, physical, spiritual, emotion and any type of torture Wolverine has come back is inexplicable. He’ll come back and win, always.
  2. xdylantaidghx said: "cheese it," ha.
  3. joetothemax said: Ramma, I agree with you on this one. If Batman was aware of Wolverine, he would already have a detailed file on how to defeat him and be ready to do so. If Wolverine and Batman encountered each other randomly, then Wolverine would win overall.
  4. speednspikes said: I agree with all of this. Batman would win if he had 24 hours prep AND information on who he would be facing (and maybe where they would be fighting). Other than that, Wolvy would stomp a mudhole and walk it dry.
  5. catastropheinfullcolor said: I agree. Batman is my absolute favorite character but in a fight with wolverine he’s pretty fucked. Id say even with adamantium corroding things. Logan would just regen with bone claws and still rape face.
  6. exbadwolf said: The longer the fight goes the worse it is for logan. I don’t think it would be over in two seconds regardless of his claws. Both of them are highly trained martial artists even with the claws it would be hard for logan to dispense of the bat.
  7. blackandgoldkeywork said: Well said sir
  8. letloosethekraken said: There’s a fan video of it. Have you seen it?
  9. towritecomicsonherarms posted this