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This blog is about comics.

Mostly Marvel.

I'm always up for a chat about comics so don't be scared to send me a message!

Boom! Studios
Image Comics
Dynamite entertainment
Dark horse
Valiant Comics

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Spider-man & Deadpool
Norman Osborn/Green Goblin & Spider-woman
Wolverine & moon knight
Ms Marvel & Batman
Daredevil & Songbird
Penance & Black Adam
Deathstroke & Doctor Doom
Thor & Sentry
Ghost Rider & Taskmaster
Harley Quinn & Ares
Emma frost & Bullseye
Bleez & Punisher
Midnighter & Black Panther
Invisible Woman & Martian Manhunter
Cassie Hack & Judge Dredd
Hellboy & Human Torch
Jenny Sparks & Jack Hawksmoor

The Authority & Stormwatch
Avengers & Academy/Initiative
Fantastic four & X-men
Suicide squad & Dark avengers
Justice League & Red Lanterns
Ultimate Marvel

Feel free to submit pictures or links that are comic related just make sure they don't suck because this blog is too awesome for me to post things that suck.

I also run towritelesbiansonherarms
Hi.. my name is ramma and i'm kind of a big deal!

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Matt Murdock is now dubstep.. his life is complete.

Daredevil #30

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