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It’s about time a lot of people realised how powerful Thor actually is.

Some wizard wizard by the name of ODG made an awesome thread


There’s hundreds of scans and examples of Thor’s skills and abilities.

It’s a thing of beauty.

If that thread had a face i’d kiss it.

Here’s some of the good stuff

Thor resists a force “as though half a planet” were bearing down on him, from Thor #140:

Adam Warlock acknowledges that Thor is one of the “physically most powerful beings in the universe,” from Infinity Watch #23:

As chronicled earlier, Thor resists crushing gravimetric forces “akin to that of a neutron star” in Thor #281:

And Thor has literally stood in the center of the Sun while confronting Atum in Thor Annual #14:

Ghost Rider’s pure hellfire blasts are useless in Avengers #214:

Phoenix shoots a telepathic blast at a groggy Thor at the moment Thor’s arms are at his side. AFTER the shot is fired and already traveling at him, Thor raises his arms and reflects it back with Mjolnir. Telepathy being instantaneous traditionally (as noted in the narration), we can assume for the sake of argument that it was only traveling at light-speed, making this another FTL feat, from Excalibur #428:

well.. i’ll let you read the rest…

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